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  • Almar

    Almar Drink and Food was established in 1968 in a small workshop near Milan. Our ambition was to produce the best hot chocolate served in cafés using top-notch 100% natural ingredients. In almost half a century of continuous research and innovation Almar has significantly expanded its products. Almar won over the world with its preparations for cremini, slush, ice cream, preparations for yogurts and sorbets, iced tea preparations, teas, herbal teas, ginseng and guarana-flavoured coffee , fruit juices, milkshakes and preparations for appetizers starting from top quality raw materials.


    Arcaffe sertificētakafija un šokolāde ar vēsturino 1895.gada! Arcaffè maisījumi apvieno labāko īpašumu kafiju pasaulē, grauzdētas atsevišķi un gatavotas, lai ņemtu maksimālo labumu no katra. Kafijai ir ilgs, sarkanīgi brūns krēmīgums ar labu tekstūru. Vidējais grauzdējums izceļ visu aromātu potenciālu. Arcaffe piedāvā patērētājiem unikālu garšas pieredzi!

  • Brasil ORO

    The Brasiloro experience and finest techniques have been acquired from the Venetian school of coffee roasting. The invaluable tradition handed down from this school is still preserved and highly-valued, thanks to the co-operation of enthusiastic persons to whom thorough knowledge of the product has been transmitted. That is why the Mardegan family's life work has been dedicated to coffee for over 50 years.


    Ivan-tea (kaprenia narrow-leaved) is a traditional Slavic drink. Leaves are collected by hand. Thanks to the use of the ancient technology of drying and fermentation, the product retains its unique properties and refined tart taste.

  • Fitokod

    Drink tea series "About the Most Important" from the company Fitokod (Penza)

  • Giunchi Caffe

    Between the late forties and early fifties of the last century Giunchi developed it’s toastery in Ravenna. The selection of the best coffee sorts for our coffee mixtures takes place since the establishment with passion and professionalism. In our roastery the handicraft is still maintained and the coffee mixtures roasted with the same devotion as in old times. Rather complex and susceptible roasting relating to crafts presupposes constant maintenance and servicing of our production units. Thus it is easy for us to supply to you with a high quality product. For all these reasons Giunchi is considered the House of Coffee

  • Higher Living Tea

    Higher Living Herbs is a British company, based in Gloucestershire, that has been blending herbs for 45 years.

  • IZZO

    Izzo Caffè was founded near the Vesuvius in 1979 by Mr. Vincenzo Izzo as an artisan-based coffee roastery, which have been striving with passion to produce real Neapolitan espresso for over 25 years.

Showing 1 - 12 of 38 items