• Almar


    Almar Drink and Food was established in 1968 in a small workshop near Milan. Our ambition was to produce the best hot chocolate served in cafés using top-notch 100% natural ingredients.



    Arcaffe sertificētakafija un šokolāde ar vēsturino 1895.gada! Arcaffè maisījumi apvieno labāko īpašumu kafiju pasaulē, grauzdētas atsevišķi un gatavotas, lai ņemtu maksimālo labumu no katra. Kafijai ir ilgs, sarkanīgi brūns krēmīgums ar labu tekstūru. Vidējais grauzdējums izceļ visu aromātu potenciālu. Arcaffe piedāvā patērētājiem unikālu garšas pieredzi!

  • Basilur


    Almost every shape/design of our products is unique to BASILUR and custom-made for us. Skilled specialists with over several decades of tea experience select only the best tea for BASILUR. We are small. Therefore, we can offer you a more personalized and flexible service than others. Only the highest quality packaging materials have been used to ensure freshness, convenience to consumers and quality of overall product.

  • Bialetti


    Italian coffee and accessory producer. Bialetti brings a certain sentiment in the world of coffee accessories. This Italian brand brings us products with extraordinary design and a long-term tradition.  

  • Blend Tea

    Blend Tea

    Blend Tea offers tea blends with a typically Italian approach: they must be delicious to the palate, aromatic to the nose and, and finally beautiful to look at. From tea leaves to real bergamot essential oil, only the best ingredients, and everything is tested and re-tested to make sure that what you drink is as safe as it is delicious. The product range includes premium loose tea, as well as 100% biodegradable and compostable tea bags.

  • Brasil ORO

    Brasil ORO

    The Brasiloro experience and finest techniques have been acquired from the Venetian school of coffee roasting. The invaluable tradition handed down from this school is still preserved and highly-valued, thanks to the co-operation of enthusiastic persons to whom thorough knowledge of the product has been transmitted. That is why the Mardegan family's life work has been dedicated to coffee for over 50 years.

  • Cafes Aitona

    Cafes Aitona

    Cafés Aitona is a family business dedicated to roasting and marketing coffee, a leader in the Hospitality sector in Gipuzkoa, Spain. There are exotic places where man and nature have known how to coexist in harmony. Wonderful lands where the best coffee in the world is grown. Landscapes where time stands still, Where each grain matures in its proper measure, until it reaches its fullness. And it is there where we select the most exquisite coffee.

  • CBSe


    The family company began its activity in 1978 in San Francisco, Córdoba, Argentina. In 2000 We obtained the ISO 9001-2000 (quality) certification. The quality of our yerba mate can also be found worldwide.  We launched the first flavored yerba mates of the market: Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit and Coffee. Thus creating a new segment for yerba mate.

  • Damhert


    Damhert is responsible for the development, production of functional, health food. This means food with a function, for preventive and supportive use by the consumer.
    For over 40 years Damhert has been in the first rank for functional food, with a wide range of healthy and – above all - nice products! Since then the group of `aware eaters’ among us has grown considerably – along with their requirements.

  • Di&Di - Умные сладости


    Monastic tea "Diveevo" is in great demand due to its natural composition and healing effect for the body. It saturates our body with trace elements and vitamins, increases energy potential, speeds up the healing process and is able to prevent the development of a number of diseases.

    All herbs for tea are grown in an ecologically clean area, and a quality certificate is provided for the goods.

  • Dutch Barista

    Dutch Barista

    Micro-roastery, barista training centre, and shop from Maastricht, the Netherlands. Choosing Dutch Barista you can be sure about rich flavours - the roastery offers only selected speciality beans. Roasted coffee is sorted with the use of an optical colour sorter, which guarantees a high quality of the final product.   



    Ivan-tea (kaprenia narrow-leaved) is a traditional Slavic drink. Leaves are collected by hand. Thanks to the use of the ancient technology of drying and fermentation, the product retains its unique properties and refined tart taste.

  • ETRE


    For ETRE tea, only selected raw materials are used, which include the entire first, second and third top leaves of the tea bush, giving the beverage a rich aroma, a delicate flavor of the tea and also retaining its useful properties: it is rich in vitamins, minerals, organic acids and other useful natural ingredients.

  • Funksjonell Mat AS (Sukrin)

    Funksjonell Mat AS (Sukrin)

    Funksjonell Mat AS was founded in 2007 in Norway. Our goal is to provide innovative products that make healthy living easier. We make a range of all-natural zero calorie sugar alternatives, naturally gluten-free and fat-reduced flours and low-carb, sugar and gluten-free easy to bake mixes. All our products are based on natural ingredients and developed by us.

  • Herbapol


    „Herbapol-Lublin” is a perfect example of combining tradition and innovation, which has helped us win the most valuable thing – the trust of four generations of consumers who appreciate the high quality and flavour of our products.

    The recipes of our herbal products, aromatic teas and full-flavoured syrups are based on natural ingredients. We do this so that we can constantly keep your trust.

  • Higher Living Tea

    Higher Living Tea

    Higher Living Herbs is a British company, based in Gloucestershire, that has been blending herbs for 45 years.

  • Illy


    Italy's best-known, unique coffee. The taste, aroma and feel that unique to illy coffee ... Every season, an Illy coffee expert works tirelessly to analyze the characteristics of the harvest. He chooses, with great precision, coffee that is worth buying. Much is analyzed and re-evaluated to ensure their suitability for Illy blends. We offer Illy Espresso, which consists of 9 best Arabica coffee beans, Monoarabica collection, ground Espresso or Moka coffee.

  • IZZO


    Izzo Caffè was founded near Vesuvius in 1979 as a artisan-based coffee roaster who has been passionate about producing real Neapolitan espresso for more than 25 years. Izzo products are created with better technology and experience. Packed in cans with a protective atmosphere that perfectly preserves the aroma and taste. The end result gives emotions that lovers can recognize and appreciate, even without sugar. Izzo coffee is slowly roasted for 18 minutes. This technique helps to reduce negative acidity and bitter substances on the one hand, and coffee remains saturated and more aromatic on the other hand.

  • Land Grant

    Land Grant

    5 brands of real excellent Chinese tea, from elite varieties to the mass market, such as "Black Dragon", "Camel", "Heavenly Flavor", "Monkey King". The company's teas are time-tested and their quality is confirmed by diplomas and medals of annual specialized and food exhibitions A wide assortment of black tea, green tea, oolong tea, pu-erh tea, as well as tea with various additives. The highest quality raw materials grown in ecologically clean provinces of China, with a centuries-old tea culture - Yunnan, Zhejiang, Hunan.



    Lavazza - Master of Coffee Art and Science since 1895. First, R&D specialists go to local production sites to taste green coffee so that they can choose only the best properties to use in Lavazza blends. Once the coffee is selected, move on to the blending stage - it is a real art that was invented by Luigi Lavazza himself more than a hundred years ago. The blends are carefully made according to a secret recipe that makes each Lavazza coffee unique and recognizable. The best coffee blends include up to 5-6 coffees of different origins, and can be 100% Arabica or Arabica and Robusta blend - the former is sweet and aromatic, while the latter is thick, full and intense.

  • Le Piantagioni del Caffe

    Le Piantagioni del Caffe

    At Le Piantagioni del Caffè you will find many different coffees offered as single-varieties (single estate), combinations (two estates) or blends. The well defined personalities of our coffees will accompany you through a unique sensorial experience and will guide your choice thanks to a speaking label, displaying the estates of origin, the organoleptic features and the best brewing options.

    You will also learn that coffee can have several tastes, you will taste it and discover, even if you didn’t know it, that you have your preferences …and finally you will elect your own coffee



    Liran, spol. s.r.o., Ceylon Teas importer



    All coffee is the result of precise and passionate research. They choose the best coffee and process it according to the roasting traditions of Italian craftsmen. They care about espresso and every cup ... you can taste it! The coffee is gently roasted to obtain the highest quality product, which is also very healthy: the essential oils and fragrances are protected, and the beans result in a well-developed and aromatic, low residual moisture and limited caffeine content. Ground coffee is ground in the best mills available in the world, oxygen-free and low-temperature, gentle and gentle. To keep the aroma as long as possible, they are especially careful when designing attractive and functional packaging. In this way, the aromas are preserved and the final drink can always boast an enviable layer of foam.

  • Magic Tree - Волшебное Дерево

    Magic Tree - Волшебное Дерево

    The leader of the Russian market of packaged spices, seasonings and spices. For more than 20 years of experience, the company has earned a reputation among business partners as a reliable and responsible supplier, and the products of the Magic Tree trademark are in constant demand and love of customers.



    Founded in the early 1900’s by the Bristish Planters in Ceylon (Sri Lanka) who were the pioneers of Ceylon Tea, We carry the same flagship teas for more than 110 years.

    The Tea Factory setup by the British in the Early 1900’s is located 2700ft above sea level in a breathtaking beautiful landscape surrounded by serene green gardens of tea in Kandy. We manufacture upto 30,000 kgs of Tea leaves daily with the same commitment and passion to achieve our standards. We been producing some of the most uniquely delicious single origin teas over a century that is most sought after by the tea tasters. We were awarded the Best Tea Factory in the Mid Country for our practices. The handpicked selection of tea, coming from our very own plantations is processed with absolute care and scrutiny in an effort to give you the finest in variety, colour, flavor and aroma.



    French family business, founded in 1934 in Courbevoie, near Paris. Three generations of chocolate lovers have made CHOCOLATERIE MONBANA one of the most creative in its field. Initially specializing in chocolate powder, CHOCOLATERIE MONBANA has successfully diversified and now offers collections in more than 250 specialties that make up chocolate in all its forms: drinking, enjoying, recipes, distribution or to please yourself or a loved one. The best varieties of cocoa beans from Côte d'Ivoire and South America are used for production, without the addition of milk powder!



    It offers only the top quality coffee. In the early 1930s Mr. Ugo Incerpi, owner of the Bar New York, bought a coffee roasting machine, in order to be able to offer a special product to the sophisticated clientele visiting the spa town to rest and “take the waters”.
    The result? His coffee was so good that, within a short time, word spread and on Sundays people even came from Florence to enjoy “Sor Ugo’s” excellent coffee.
    The classic “Caffè New York” brand, with its logo represented by a black woman holding a handful of coffee beans, appeared in the mid 1930s. A redesigned version of this symbol is still used today.

  • Organic Oils

    Organic Oils

    Organic Oils LLC is a Ukrainian agroindustrial company cultivating Oilseed Crops and manufacturing vegetable oils, powders, proteins. 

    These products are widely used in the food processing industries, food wholesale and retail industry, pharmaceuticals industry, cosmetics industry as well as animal feed industry and chemicals industry.

    Organic Oils LLC exports its products into more than 20 countries of the world.

    We are honored to meet your needs with our high quality products.



    Born from the historical passion of the Pellini family and the excellence of Italian espresso coffee. Superior coffee blends, for aroma and taste, have been developed for the increasingly aware and international consumers.
    A brand that is synonymous with high specialisation and distinctiveness in the world of coffee. A company that has grown by investing in quality, thus satisfying millions of customers who are interested in its coffee for the unique and distinctive aroma.
    Pellini espresso coffee is appreciated both by the best coffee bars and Italian families: it is what turns a coffee break into a dream experience.

  • Pizca del Mundo

    Pizca del Mundo

    Yerba mate (or mate) is traditional South American herbal caffeine-rich drink containing dried leaves of the plant llex paraguariensis (known as yerba mate).

    What makes yerba mate Pizca del Mundo so special? It is organic, it is Fair Trade, it doesn't contain crushed leaves (it contains no mate dust), it is delicate in flavour but strong and stimulating, finally the infusion is great even after many refills. The blend contains no artificial flavours. These attributes place Pizca del Mundo on the top yerba mate shelf. Packed in Poland

  • Polezzno


    The POLEZZNO brand entered the healthy food market in 2017.  We are really excited about what we do. We like to invent and create new products for those who think about the question "what am I eating?" We believe that healthy and natural food is not boring! And our ultimate goal is to make our clients' lives more enjoyable! The pleasure of touching the cardboard of each of our packaging to the last spoonful of our product. We feel, in part, collectors - we are looking for and launching into production rare novelties, coming up with recipes and new combinations.



    Radiant infusions that will enchant your soul. A gourmet collection of infused teas, Regalo offers an exotic twist to an enduring tradition.

    With each sip of Regalo Tea you are swept into an odyssey of history, exotic locales and timeless sentiments. Thousands of years of passion and exploration have been invested in the specialised world of brewing tea from the leaves of Camellia Sinensis. At present there are a variety of types of tea on offer around the world, differentiated by intensity of processing and drying of the tea leaves.



    Senok Tea was a relatively new addition to the already established Senok Group of companies. It was established in 1989 and it sought to bring the celebrated Ceylon Tea, to the world.

    Our brand is a global one and has a clientele in over 35 countries.Our flagship brand is “SENOK”. It is sold and distributed around internationally. There are several brands that are owned by Senok Tea, such as ‘SCOTTS’,‘BARCLAYS’ and ‘TEYLOR’. We manufacture and pack Orthodox, Single Estate, CTC, CT, Blended Teas, Flavoured Teas and Infusions. All tea, apart from those used in the infusions are purchased from the local tea auctions that take place twice a week in Colombo. This is the primary medium of tea trading in Sri Lanka.

  • Shere Teas (QUALITEA CEYLON)

    Shere Teas (QUALITEA CEYLON)

    The year 1989 saw the inception of one of Sri Lanka’s leading tea exporters, which in turn became the world’s 3rd largest exporter of packeted tea within a short span of 2 years. Qualitea has been on the forefront of delivering superior grade tea varieties to the Middle East, Europe, United Kingdom and Asia, while also specialising in introducing novelty and variety to a generation of tea enthusiasts!

  • Stevia Sun

    Stevia Sun

    «Steviasun CORPORATION» - a manufacturer of healthy food based on self-produced stevia extracts. Made in Ukraine.

    The company was founded in 1993. For more than 20 years, they have been producing 100% natural sweeteners with medicinal properties, herbal teas, confectionery products under their trademarks «Steviasun» and «Pure Delight».

    The product range of this brand will surprise you with its diversity and satisfy the most demanding customers and supporters of healthy nutrition.

  • Tarlton


    Tarlton brand tea grown and packaged in Sri Lanka. The product range includes more than 160 types.
    The offered range is based on large and medium loose leaf teas - black, green, oolong, and teas with added flowers, plants, and candies. The tea has an excellent smell and taste. A special category offers 7 exquisite varieties of tea grown and prepared in China, packaged in Sri Lanka under the Tarlton brand.

  • teapigs


    Teapigs is a British company. They are using only quality real tea. By quality real tea, we mean whole leaf tea, whole leaf herbs, whole berries, whole spices and whole flowers. Not the dusty stuff you’ll find in regular paper teabags.

    It's all about the flavour. The tea in regular tea bags has been squashed, chopped and manhandled so, by the time it reaches your cup, almost all the flavour is lost. We don't think that's very nice.

    The whole leaves, berries, herbs, flowers and spices in Teapigs tea temples have been handled gently and with love, to maintain every drop of that precious flavour.

    Teas worthy of worship deserve their own temple. Teapigs teas come in special tea “temple” – a biodegradable mesh bag that gives the whole leaves lots of room to infuse. Looks pretty too. Loose tea without the fuss.

    Teapigs racked up 60 Great Taste Awards over the years!

  • Teavit


    The products are unique and have no analogues, since we do not use flavors, preservatives and dyes. The production uses only selected, natural raw materials from ecologically clean areas. Thanks to this, the special drying conditions and the excellent combination of herbs, fruits and berries, the tea retains its taste, aroma and useful properties. The ingredients used in the composition have a number of medicinal properties and are used in the treatment of many diseases.

  • Teministeriet Teas

    Teministeriet Teas

    Teministeriet - Swedish Ministry of Tea straight from Malmo. This brand combines a long tradition with Scandinavian, minimalist style. Their wide range of teas combines finest ingredients - teas, herbs, spices, and superfoods. Take a look at these series: Moomin - tea blends with different berries; Supertea - made from organic ingredients; and the classic Teministeries collection.  

  • Vintage Teas

    Vintage Teas

    Vintage Teas incorporates the best teas in taste and texture, using better equipment to create full and aromatic tea blends. Each product is individually packaged to maintain its freshness. With a factory complex covering more than two acres of land and customers around the world, Vintage Tea has grown into one of Sri Lanka's largest tea exporters. Our product range includes green, black, rooibos and fruit - high quality loose teas. A great gift for a tea lover!



    Leading manufacturer of functional food, dried fruit, dietary supplements, herbs and spices.
    The Polish family business whose activities have been appreciated by the mark, what made us develop dynamically.
    Due to professional knowledge combined with modern technology, WITPAK has been successfully operating on the domestic and international market for years.

  • Алтайская Сказка

    Алтайская Сказка

    Unique products from Altai grain. High quality cereals, flakes, pasta and flour. The fertile Altai land is nourished by the purest water of mountain rivers, warmed by warm sun rays and gives us the best grain that preserves natural strength and energy. The intensive pace of production development allows not only to produce unique mixtures of cereals, but also to master unique technologies. For the production of flakes "Altai Skazka" the technology "Cooking in its own juice" is used. Thanks to the gentle processing of the grain with soft heat, all the nutrients and vitamins are preserved, while the grain retains its integrity and the delicious aroma of traditional porridge. This is a great opportunity to eat deliciously and at the same time save time, because the cereal takes only three minutes to cook!

  • Алтайский чай

    Алтайский чай

    a manufacturer of aromatic herbal teas with a bright, rich, pleasant taste from wild-growing plant materials of Altai.

  • Алтын Бай

    Алтын Бай

    There are amazing places on our planet where, it would seem, nature itself fills a person with grace and strength. And one of these places is the mysterious ancient mountains of Altai. Unique formulations, competent selection of components, caring for your health, allow us to create unique products that cleanse your body from the inside, give you natural aromas and pleasure from using the gifts of Altai nature. Try the drinks "Altyn-Bai" and appreciate the whole variety of unique tastes and aromas, and the gentle cleansing and healing effect will not keep you waiting.

  • Емельяновская Биофабрика
  • Краснодарский чай ВЕКА
  • Красный октябрь

    Красный октябрь

    One of the largest and most famous Moscow confectionery manufacturers in Russia, founded in 1849. Now in the modern building of the factory, the latest equipment is installed for the production of chocolate masses, glaze, chocolate bars and sweets with various fillings. The product range includes more than 240 types of confectionery. The quality of products is guaranteed by careful observance of all regulations and GOSTs of the Russian Federation, as well as European conditions and production standards. In 2008, Krasny Oktyabr was certified according to the new international system ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System, and in 2012 received the GOST R ISO 9001-2008 certificate.

  • Масляный Король

    Масляный Король

    "Oil King" is the largest enterprise in the North-West for the production of premium natural unrefined exotic oils, exotic flour, flaxseed porridge and other products for proper and healthy nutrition. Over the 15 years of its existence, the "Oil King" has received more than 130 awards at international and Russian exhibitions. Today the oils and cereals of the Oil King are an indispensable product in any family for a full and healthy diet. We care about the health of everyone, so the company's products undergo the strictest control at all stages of production: from the selection of raw materials and processing to packaging.

  • Образ жизни Алтая

    Образ жизни Алтая

    Our product range can be collectively called "natural groceries". These products are basic in any grocery basket.More and more people are thinking about preserving their health and striving to diversify their usual diet: to make it healthy and balanced. The simplest and most affordable step in this direction is the replacement of “empty”, refined products with natural ones that have undergone minimal processing.Healthy eating begins with an choice of foods.

  • Сибирская Клетчатка

    Сибирская Клетчатка

    Siberian Fiber is the largest Russian enterprise producing more than 150 types of health food rich in dietary fiber - fiber. For 18 years we have been producing products that help people maintain health and longevity.
    The production technology of "Siberian fiber" and bran was created by Siberian scientists and has no analogues in Russia. We use proprietary techniques and equipment developed by the technologists and engineers of the Factory with the support of scientists from the Tomsk Academgorodok.

  • Сибирский кедр

    Сибирский кедр

    Eco-factory "Siberian Cedar" has been producing natural food for 17 years. We believe that the near future belongs to honest producers of environmentally friendly natural food products that do not contain GMOs, dyes, preservatives or any other harmful additives artificially created by man.

  • Фитокод


    FitoKod is a manufacturer of herbal tea drinks from Penza. These are various collections of natural herbs that are designed for your health. Herbs for the heart and blood vessels. Based on rosehip, hawthorn, mint and oregano. Collection for digestion. The composition includes plantain, chamomile, mint, agaric, yarrow. And many more different fees to maintain health. All herbs are collected and dried according to technology. All products are certified and recommended to improve overall well-being. A whole laboratory of specialists is working on the creation of collections. The combination of herbs in each collection is thought out to the smallest detail. Phytocode takes care of your health. Our collection is the power of nature in every cup of tea.