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Silkenty Tropical Dreams Tea 100 g

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SILKENTY® is a propriety brand of The Tea & Herb Company, and is being promoted as the driving force of The Tea &Herb Company, in the long term. SILKENTY® is a life style brand that caters to the discerning gourmet palette the world over. Our team of expert Tea Tasters & Master Blenders constantly scour the world and pick only the finest ingredients in teas, herbs, tisanes, spices, berries and real fruit, to create classic, exotic and unique signature blends to titillate the most subtle senses in consumers drawn to fine things, far and wide. Our designers create sublime art in packaging. These ingredients come together in a creation of un-matched mastery in bringing gourmet delights hitherto not imagined, to redefine luxury in life-style branding.
Point Of Difference
SILKENTY® blends are all natural wholesome and ultra -premium. The Silken Pyramid infuser enables the treasure within to unfold, unrestricted. Created of cornstarch, the infuser is 100% biodegradable. The unique shape enables us to place whole leaf teas, rough-cut herbs, whole berries and use real fruit to exceed on traditional leaf tea drinking, yet with perfect convenience.
SILKENTY® offers good health to the consumers. The brand also improves, by leaps &bounds, on the traditional leaf tea drinking experience enhanced with use-friendly convenience to consumers.

The SILKENTY® consumer expectations go beyond the senses of sight, aroma, and taste, calming one’s mind whilst sharpening alacrity - thanks to the fresh, pure and natural ingredients carefully picked and paired. The entire process of production occurs within a stringent quality assured environment supported by globally recognized accredited systems. SILKENTY® being an upscale brand is placed at the most premium segments in the hot beverage category. A luxury product line seamlessly drawing consumers with an affinity to fine living.

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