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2021 Yunnan Old Tree White Dew | Gu Shu Bai Lu - cake 200 g

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This amazing white tea is based on leaves from old tea trees growing in Lincang area of Yunnan province. High elevation (2250 meters above sea level), high rainfall and cold climate year round help to create the classic white tea characteristics: fresh and delicate flavour while keeping its mature complexity. Its name Gu Shu Bai Lu means Old Tree White Dew and some people refer to it as White Pu-erh. Most of the old tree white tea produced in Yunnan is compressed the same way as Pu-erh tea.

The Chinese white tea had been mostly produced in North Fujian area in the history. As the Fujian White Tea become more and more popular in recent years, its price has increased a lot. Due to high demand, some tea trees in Fujian get over-plucked which leads to tea leaves quality deterioration. The Yunnan old tea tree is perfect for white tea. It grows naturally without any stimulants and pollution and Yunnan soil is very rich in active compounds. As we know, the processing of white tea is very simple so all quality issues are visible immediately. Producers make this tea by harvesting leaves when they’re young and tender. After picking, leaves are wilted very lightly and dried - it’s a real artisan process, while still keeping intervention minimal. When drinking this tea, you can instantly feel its energy (cha qi). It’s a great alternative to herbal tisanes.

Form     cake (bing) 200 g
Country of origin     China
Province     Yunnan
Location     Lincang, Mingfengshan 鳴鳳山
Cultivar     Ming Feng Shan Da Ye 鳴鳳山大叶
Age of tea trees     250+

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