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Gojidoctor with sainfoin and lovage FOR MEN'S HEALTH 100 g

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"Gojidoctor" is the world's only formula of native extract of goji fruits, sainfoin and lovage extracts, the effectiveness of which is aimed at restoring sexual functions in men, harmonious and stable restoration of potency, eliminating changes in the genitourinary system in men, preventing prostatitis and adenoma, tumor changes .

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Ingredients: thick extract of goji fruits, thick extract of the herb and roots of sainfoin, thick extract of lovage roots.

"Gojidoctor®" native with sainfoin and lovage has a targeted effect on changes in the genitourinary system in men:

     for sexual weakness and any violations of sexual activity;

     for chronic impotence;

     with inflammatory processes and degenerative changes in the prostate gland;

     with prostate adenoma;

     in case of urination problems and pain in the organs of the genitourinary system;

     for infectious and viral processes of the genitourinary system in men;

     in case of spermatogenesis disorders;

     for infertility in men;

     in case of circulatory and cardiovascular system disorders;

     with general weakness and anemia;

     for depression;

     with decreased immunity;

     with psycho-emotional lability, irritation, obsessive thoughts.

Directions for use: adults take 1 tsp orally. (2.0 g) 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals for 1 month. It is recommended to drink with a small amount of water or tea.

Contraindications: individual intolerance to the components of the product.

“Sashera-Med” is a Russian innovative production of unique products based on highly effective natural raw materials: Altai deer antlers, beaver stream, stone oil, mumiyo, medicinal plants.
The main direction is the development of health products of natural plant origin.
All of the company's products are made exclusively from natural ingredients without the use of synthetic chemicals. Raw materials for the manufacture of products and the products themselves are carefully monitored for quality and safety.

The geographical location - on the border with the Altai Mountains - allows the use of the rich natural resources of the flora and fauna of the Altai Mountains as a raw material base. Each product with the Sashera-Med® logo becomes a new discovery in the field of health nutrition and cosmeceuticals. The collection of natural raw materials is carried out manually by specialists - geologists, biologists, who, at the site of raw material procurement, using special equipment, determine its authenticity, while preventing the ingress of foreign impurities.

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