New Flakes "Poltavskye" from durum wheat ТМ «Алтайская Сказка» 500g View larger

Flakes "Poltavskye" from durum wheat ТМ «Алтайская Сказка» 500g


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  • Manufacturer: ООО "Мельничный комплекс "Роса"
  • Brand: Алтайская Сказка
  • Country: Russia

Durum wheat cereal - a great product to start a new successful day! The vitamins and nutrients contained in them will give energy and good mood for a long time. Of particular benefit to regular use of wheat flakes is Vitamin B, a well-known natural antioxidant. It is he who is directly involved in the carbohydrate nutrition of the body at the cellular level, which is necessary for normal blood circulation and digestion, stable hormonal metabolism and the assimilation of other vitamins by the body. Wheat flakes are in perfect harmony with nuts and any berries. Sugar, natural honey or regular jam will help to add sweets to the dish. Enjoy the most delicate aroma of wheat flakes and eat delicious!

Ingredients: Flakes "Poltava" from durum wheat

Net weight: 500 g.
Nutritional value per 100 g of product:
Protein, g - 13.0
Fat, g - 1.0
Carbohydrates, g - 72.0

Energy value of 100 gr. product: 350 kcal.
No cooking required


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Flakes "Poltavskye" from durum wheat ТМ «Алтайская Сказка» 500g

Flakes "Poltavskye" from durum wheat ТМ «Алтайская Сказка» 500g