Our store Tasite.lv specializes in high quality coffee and tea. We have made the most extensive offer on the Internet in Latvia.
The quality of the offered brands has been tested by experts, on the world market, with certificates, as well as with Tasite.lv team! The range and quantity of goods vary according to the supply of the manufacturers. If you have any questions, we are happy to help you.

Izzo (Italy)
Lucaffe (Italy)
Illy (Italy)
Arcaffe (Italy)
New York (Italy)
La Brasiliana (Italy)
Kimbo (Italy)
Lavazza (Italy)
Pellini (Italy)
Le Piantagioni del Caffe (Italy)
Caffe Diemme (Italy)
Johan & Nyström (Finland)

Tea of Life (Srilanka)
Vintage Teas (Srilanka)
Higher Living Herbs (Great Britain)
Mccoy Teas (Srilanka)
(Great Britain)

Sweets and drinks:
Monbana (France) - chocolate drink and sweets
Arcaffe (Italy) - chocolate drink
Drink Me Chai (Great Britain) - latte teas
Lukeria (Bolgaria) - rahat lukum
Harrogate (Great Britain) - premium class water

Contact us about delivery: info@tasite.lv