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Phytobalm without sugar for brain activity BRAIN ACTIVE, 100ml


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Phytobalm "BRAIN ACTIVE" has a beneficial effect on cerebral circulation, thought processes and memory.

Natural balms "Altai nectar" are made from wild raw materials of ecologically clean regions of Altai. In their production, classical pharmaceutical technologies are used to ensure maximum preservation of useful substances in the finished product.

The components of the "BRAIN ACTIVE" balm help to activate brain activity, increase concentration, increase efficiency, improve memory and cerebral circulation, strengthen the walls of cerebral vessels.

Component properties:

Lecithin is a vital and essential nutrient for brain and nervous system strengthening. It takes part in the formation of cell membranes, is a component of the nervous tissue and forms the basis of the sheath of nerve cells and fibers. The main functions of this substance in the body are the transportation of nutrients, ensuring the normal functioning of the brain and central nervous system.
Ginkgo biloba - increases the body's resistance to oxygen starvation (hypoxia), especially brain tissues, activates mental activity, improves thinking, attention, memory and sleep, increases the ability to learn and better assimilate information.

Meadowsweet - contains ascorbic acid, tannins, salicylic acid and its derivatives (saligenin, salicin), flavonoids. Stimulates the blood supply to the brain and has a vasodilating effect. It relieves headaches of a different nature, reduces the likelihood of developing tumors in the brain and spinal cord.

Rhodiola rosea is a powerful adaptogen. Normalizes metabolism and blood glucose, strengthens blood vessels. helps with physical and mental overstrain, chronic fatigue, increases mental and physical activity, improves memory and concentration. Eliminates irritability, calming the nervous system.

Ginseng - reduces cholesterol and sugar in the blood, activates the activity of the adrenal glands, strengthens the immune system. It is an effective tonic, tonic and stimulant. Increases efficiency, helps to adapt in stressful situations.

Rosehip - contains a rich complex of vitamins, minerals and other bioactive substances necessary for the full functioning of all body systems. It has a general strengthening effect, increases physical and mental performance.

Made in Russia

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